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Atropolis- Transitions OUT NOW on Cumba Mela

Cumba Mela is proud to announce its first release as a new label, Atropolis”s sophomore album, Transitions:

Transitions is aptly titled as it flows through Atropolis’ musical palette from one song to the next, keeping it moving for the dancefloor and rich in musicality for pure listening pleasure.   In addition to Atropolis’ stellar standalone productions, his special guests include French-Canadian-Latin MC Boogat on the tropical-tinged track “Pomporaso.” Carol C’s graceful vocals float on “Which Way To Go.” Columbia’s Darwin Escorcia plays gaita on “Una Mezcla Costeña.”  Colombian-Canadian vocalist/visual artist Lido Pimienta tears up “Reza Por Mi” with colorful lyrics and an equally online casinos australia colorful music video to be released soon.  Rounding out the guests is cellist/composer Brent Arnold on “El Pacifico.”

In addition to his new release, Atropolis has releases with: Dutty Artz, Palenque Records (Colombia), Soundway (United Kingdom), Man Recordings and Sicario (Mexico)

Change is inevitable, and now that this world is more global than ever, Atropolis strives to provide a foundation for conscious music that maintains a dancing balance between global and local awareness.  Catch Atropolis on tour this summer in the US to support Transitions.

You can purchase the album from: itunes, beaport, juno, and amazon.

Gappy Ranks – Stinkin' Rich (Thornato remix)

Photo by Samantha Casolari

Check out Actually, the following four most populous nations in Asia – India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh – possess a combined population of nearly 2 billion people, and zero Casinos . Thornato”s fresh re-riddim of Gappy Ranks “Stinkin Rich”. Complete with a percussive Bullerengue backbone and bleeping synths this remix bangs!!

Brooklyn Shanti x Thornato – Rani Rani

Rani Rani is a celebration of pure and untainted love. Brooklyn Shanti and Thornato filmed this video between New York, Goa, and the holy city of Varanasi in India. The women dancing are rejoicing in celebration of a bride-to-be during a Hindu wedding procession.

Since Rani Rani”s initial release during the summer of 2011, the song has been licensed for pokies online compilations and adverts the world over and appears in the Bollywood film, “From Sydney With Love”, with an added verse in hindi. Both South Asian and non-South Asian fans alike have cited Rani Rani as a “timeless love song of our generation”.

New Remix from Thornato

Just up is a new remix by Thornato. Carefully blending South Africa”s Afrika Mama”s “Bayalibuza” with online pokies a Nyatiti sample from Ayub Ogadas “Thum Nyatiti” the final product is a deep soulful moombah banger. Download link coming soon.

Explosión Negra

While in Medellin, Adam, Mike, and myself (Thor) spent most of our time hanging with Jeff Guerra and Robin Finley of The Arepa Magazine (thank you guys for being the best hosts). Robin is the director of The Arepa and Jeff is the editor and also one of the few DJ”s in Medellin that is really pushing nueva cumbia and global bass sounds. He showed me these videos of a local act and I was immediately blown away and knew exactly why we came to Medellin!

check this club smasher

Robin was telling me that he saw them they were playing at a library with 4 people in a auditorium!

Son De Mi Tierra:

Explosion Negra is 3 MC”s casino online france (Harry, Yommy, and Jaoson) from Choco that currently live in Medellin. Their music is a fusion of their Colombian roots- currulao, chirimia and cumbia mixed with dancehall, reggaeton and hiphop.

We arranged to Some people in some states who bought standard life health insurance outside of the marketplace due to technical issues with their states website, despite qualifying for subsidies, could have retroactively sign up for a marketplace plan and receive federal subsidies. meet them to see if they would be interested in collaborating on a track for the compilation. They took interest in a track that I had produced with some gaita and tamboras that we recorded during our month long stay in Bogota. I originally produced it as an instrumental but re-arranged it to work with Explosion Negra.

Click the link below to hear a raw teaser of what we did:
Thornato – Gaita ft Explosion Negra (teaser)
(the gaita and tambora is played by maestro Darwin Escorcia)

We will definitely be posting more on these guys as well as many more amazing sounds, videos and images so please stay tuned to the blog!
~ Thor

Cumba Mela Colombia Update

It’s been too long since we posted anything. Just to update the world, to those who are actually reading, part of the Cumba Mela collective has been doing a mini-tour through Colombia for the past two-months. There is a lot of great footage and music to come.  For those who don’t know, we are producing a compilation with artists that we are collaborating with  throughout Colombia. We are also performing and producing a documentary that illustrates our journey.

Please click the following link to learn more about our project: The Colombia NYC Project

So far we have worked with a handful of artists. Once we return to the states February 1st. we will have more solid posts, previewing the work we have done here so far.

For now, I would like to share with you our experience in Palenque ; an historic village in Colombia with a massive heritage of preserved African traditions.  Benkos Bioho, an escaped slave who aided many other slaves to live freely in this community, founded Palenque in the 17th century.  Today, the traditional language of Palenquero can still be heard among the streets. The language was formed due to the diverse African tribes that lived together. Therefore, the native language of this area is a mix of several forms of African dialects with Spanish.

We were in Palenque during a champeta festival, which was really crazy. Since we online casinos have been in Colombia, we performed in Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Cartagena, and Barranquilla. And of all the places, we found the craziest and loudest sound system I have ever heard (no joke), in this small remote village, with wild pigs, goats, and chickens running around.

Anyway, during our 3-day visit we had the honor to be in the home of Raffael Cassini, one of the members of Sexteto Tabala.  His group is regarded to be one of Colombia’s most highly regarded and important Afro-Colombia artists.  It slotmaskiner pa natet was amazing to see how such a highly regarded musician is living such a humble life-style in the quaint village of Palenque.

On the following day we had a beautiful experience with Las Alegres Ambulancias. We set up our mobile studio in their home and recorded a track with them. A remix of this track should be out hopefully in the next year. The completion of this entire project will hopefully be finished in a year.

Be sure to check out the short documentary bellow on Las Alegres Ambulances.

On our last day we worked with this young hip-hop crew. It was the first recording this 16-year olds have ever done in their life. We will be posting this track with some remixes soon, as well as some footage of the production behind this track.

Once we returned to Cartagena we met up with two more artists from Palenque. Viviano Torres, one of the fathers of Champeta, and Son Palenque. We got the honor to record with both of these artists. So stay posted to hear our collaborations with them.

As of now, we are in Taganga.  Since we have been in this chilled out beach town we met up with Juan Carlos and Walter Hernandez, from Systema Solar, in their beautiful home studio. So keep posted to check out whats to come!


East Village Radio- Cumba Mela w/Zizek

This past Friday we had the pleasure of being hosted by Small Changes radio show “The Big Cover Up” on East Village Radio, with Zizek’s El G and Sandro from Frikstailers. You can stream the entire show by clicking this.

The show is date 9.24.2010, no fast fowarding on this folks. So if you want to hear some of Cumba Mela’s unreleased tracks and Zizeks unreleased tracks your going to have to sit through the whole thing. The show doesn’t really start until about 1omins into it.

I (Atropolis) rocked it for about an Forgotten Password? Our team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals are ready to assist with any questions you may have with Splendido. hour, and the El G comes on after our short interview. And dam yo, all I can say is Zizek Volume 3. is going to be off the charts! So if you got the patience to sit through the entire stream it is definitely worth it to catch a sneak peak of Zizek Vol. 3

After El G, Sandro from Frikstailers played a nice set as well.

Check out the short video I slapped together from some of the footage captured during the show.

Cumba Mela Presents: Spoek Mathambo

We are honored to have Spoek Mathambo come through our weekly global bass party at Bembe, held every Monday from 10pm-4am. Spoek Mathambo will be throwing it down in New York City this week, performing twice at Santos Party House this Saturday and Tuesday. And of course this Online casino US Monday with us.

Check out Spoek’s most recent mix he did for Fader by clicking this. This link was provided on Manufacturer Data RecoveryAsk your manufacturer, bad hard drive data recovery with DriveSavers never voids your warranty. Zakee’s blog, thank you Zakee!

Also, feel free to check out this awesome video by Spoek.

SPOEK MATHAMBO – MSHINI WAM from spoek mathambo on Vimeo.

Cumba Mela covered in

A glistening coat of sweat dripped from everyone on the tightly packed dancefloor as they focused intently on Cumba Mela’s set during the heat stroke-inducing Danger En plus d’un accueil impressionnant, les joueurs peuvent profiter des bonus hebdomadaires, ainsi que d’autres specialites de machines a sous et tables. party this Saturday at 3rd Ward. Like the trio does at other Brooklyn underground parties, they played a selection of quick-paced “global bass” tracks, a blending of international folk sounds with Western club music.

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